Firestorm Wildfire Scenario

An uncontrollable firestorm is blowing across the island destroying resources! Can you construct a fire brigade large enough to save your smoldering settlements?

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This scenario was adapted from the Szenario: Feuersturm by Alain Miltgen.

Required Supplies:

  • Base Catan Game
  • 1 Fire Meeple/Token
  • 18 Fire Station Tokens (base game, 3-4 players) or 30 Fire Station Tokens for 5-6 players
  • Fire Warden Victory Card


  • Setup the game as normal
  • Remove the Robber
Firestorm Scenario 3-4 Player Contents


Igniting the Fire

When a 7 is rolled, the fire ignites and begins its path of destruction. The player that rolled the 7 will place the Fire Meeple/Token on a land hex of their choice. Any hex with a Fire Meeple/Token no longer produces resources and players built on that hex lose 1 resource to the fire—returning 1 resource of their choice to the bank. Once the fire is placed, it immediately begins spreading.

Fire Spreads

Immediately after the fire ignites, it begins to spread across connected roads and ships, even if no settlement or city is present. For each settlement or city that is connected to the original hex by either roads or ships (or a combination of), one additional resource is lost UNLESS the path is protected by a Fire Station. Fire Stations act as a barrier and prevent the spread of the fire.

Fire Stations

You may build one or more Fire Stations in any of your settlements or cities during your turn, after resources have been distributed. Fire Stations act as a barrier to prevent the spread of fires, protecting both the settlement or city they reside in and all subsequent roads or ships from spreading the conflagration.

Fire Stations cost:
  • 1 Ore (for the foundation),
  • 1 Wood (for the building),
  • 1 Wool (for the fire-retardant suits)

Fire Warden

The first player to build 3 Fire Stations receives the Fire Warden card granting +2 Victory Points. Any player that builds more Fire Stations takes the card.


Example of Fire Spreading:

Firestorm Wildfire Spread Example