Disasters & Plagues Robber Scenario compatible with Catan’s Settlers of Catan




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What do you do when a plague strikes the island? Do you attempt to secure the ports to guarantee a supply of your needed resources? Do you focus on building an army to pitch in and save your aspiring civilization? The Disasters and Plagues Robber Scenario will put your game theory mind to work as you release plague after plague upon your foes while fighting off famine and disease.

At the start of the game, place the robber next to this card. When a 7 is rolled, the robber does not steal resources, but hand limits do apply. Move the robber to the resource corresponding to the red die. Production of that resource is now blocked until a Knight is played or another 7 is rolled. For 6, the player may place the robber on the above resource of their choice. Players may still exchange resources via ports or at a 4:1 ratio. When a Knight is played, temporarily remove the robber from the card.

This product was printed in the USA on high-quality board game chipboard. Due to the low run of this scenario, some edges of the hex may not be perfectly straight but will still fit in a standard US version of the Catan game. For laser cut products, there may be some soot and/or discoloration on the edges. This can be wiped away with a damp cloth. This product is not affiliated with Catan GMBH and uses different imagery than a traditional pieces, see images for what the product looks like.


  • ~4″ x 2.5″
  • ~1.5mm thick, printed on board game stock — not paper or card stock

Disclaimer: This is for tabletop game lover who wants to dominate awesome. You still need to own the game and all the other pieces to play. No rules, additional cards, boxes or other game pieces are provided.

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