Iceberg Expansion Compatible with Catan’s Settlers of Catan and Seafarers




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The perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Prove your tabletop greatness with this custom scenario compatible with Catan’s Settlers of Catan, Seafarers, Barbarians and other Catan Expansions.

The Iceberg Hex Expansion provides a new level of gameplay to the traditional Catan Seafarers game. When the number on the iceberg is rolled, the player will roll a D1. A ship on that number will be destroyed. Additional rule variations are available, including receiving gold, resources or discovery tokens.

1 Iceberg Hex

This hex was printed in the USA in a limited die-cut run using high-quality board game chip-board stock. Due to the low run of this scenario, some edges of the hex may not be perfectly straight but will still fit in a standard US version of the Catan game. This card is not affiliated with Catan GMBH and uses different imagery than a traditional pieces, see images for what the product looks like.

Disclaimer: This is for tabletop game lover who wants to dominate awesome. You still need to own the game and all the other pieces to play.

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